Best Air Purifiers in India [June 2020]

With the rise of Air Pollution in India, You simply can’t neglect the need for breathing fresh and clean air. And in this post, I am going to List Down the top 5 Best Air Purifiers in India.

Best Air Purifiers in India

And Air Quality In India is degrading at an Alarming Rate. “Previously, China used to be the Most Polluted When it comes to Air Quality. But now, It’s India“.

When you speak of air pollution, the first things that strike our mind are industrial, vehicular, and other kinds of outdoor pollution.

And in a way, it is right. But, have you ever wondered how polluted is the indoor air that you are breathing in your house?

Generally, you will frown when I ask you this question. And normally, we expect the indoor air to be pure. You will be surprised to know that the indoor air can be worse than the outdoor air as far as air pollution is concerned.

There are many air purifiers available on the Indian Market. Phillips and Dyson are the market leaders in this sector.

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Benefits of an Air Purifier

There are many benefits of an air purifier. It removes every form of bacteria that is present in the air and keeps the odor of your house fresh.

It is best known as relieving allergies such as asthma. As we all know asthma is caused by air pollutants and dirt. This disease is identified when a person feels difficulty in breathing.

If this is not treated properly or immediately then it can create many problems, no doubt it is serious and is caused by allergens in the air.

Therefore, it is recommended that you should install an air purifier to avoid contamination of air and later the production of germs and bacteria. This result can be achieved by installing a reliable air cleaner.

How To Select The Best Air Purifier?

From cooling the temperature to freshening or cleaning up your room; from trapping dust to easing your asthmatic problems, air purifiers are modern electronic home appliances of contemporary, healthy living.

And in short, air purifiers reduce or even remove a host of airborne contaminants like dust, pollen, mold spores, pet dander, bacteria and many more to ensure that every breath you take promotes your physical well-being.

Types of Air Purifiers

  • HEPA Air Purifiers (HEPA) – High-Efficiency Particulate Arresting (HEPA) filters trap particles when air is pulled through them. And It is the standard technology in prominent air purifiers.
  • Electronic Ionizers – Through reversing the charge of particles in the air, the particles are attracted to collection plates or objects (walls, furniture, and floors) in a room. Then the deposited allergens must be vacuumed before they again come inside the air.
  • UV Purifiers – UV rays easily neutralizes the biological contaminants; having said that, air purifiers move air too quickly to provide sufficient exposure time, rendering this air purifier to be quite ineffective.
  • Ozone Generators – They neutralize odors and chemicals, but not filtering polluters. However, since ozone causes lung problems and is toxic at a high level, it’s dangerous for human health. Avoid, unless if you’re looking for an ingenious way of committing suicide.

Guide To The Best Air Purifier

Size of Room

Clean air delivery unit (CADR) measures the amount of clean air that an air purifier releases to a room/minute. Relatively, CADR at 2/3 of the room’s square footage is advisable. More ideally, choose an air purifier that covers a larger size room or area for better cleaning.

True HEPA Filters

While many air purifiers are said to have the efficiency of HEPA filters and only a few are truly “true.” Therefore, look for the word “true” to make sure that it traps as many particles as true HEPA filters possibly could, which is 99.97%.


The fan sucks air through the filters, making an air purifier more efficient in trapping contaminants and pollutants.


The noise of air purifiers depends on the fan speed chosen. Though a high fan speed circulates air most effectively, you wouldn’t want the air purifier to sound as if a worse, crashing into your room or a sound of a train was passing by.

Consider the noise level which is tolerable to you, especially when you want to use it when you sleep.

Air-Quality Monitor

High-end models can easily detect the concentration and type of pollutants and then adjust the fan speeds automatically. Useful when energy-saving and intelligence are of you.

Maintenance Indicators

Clogged filters would themselves become air polluters by delivering contaminants back into circulation. Hence, it’s important to clean, replace or vacuum the filters when indicated. And if signals are not available, go back to the tradition of marking your calendar

And to be precise, air purifiers only remove all the contaminants present inside the air and thus, are not very effective against the heavier dust mites, which are the main allergen for many people.

And experts encourage to have a clean breeze of air in your room, the most important and the crucial step is still to remove elements that produce dust and by not smoking indoors.

Kindly consider these important points and then take a look at our list of top 5 best air purifiers in India in 2020.

Top 5 Best Air Purifiers in India 2020

Now let us review some of the best air purifiers in India.

1. Coway Sleek Pro AP-1009 Air Purifier

Best Air Purifiers in India

Coway AP-1009 Air Purifier is the best air purifier in India in 2020

A relatively new brand, the Coway Sleek Pro AP-1009 astounds everyone with its brilliant performance.

It earns the first spot on our list due to its versatile functionality, patented Urethane carbon filter, 5 years of warranty, and most importantly, having a reliable trust factor with its customers. 

And also because of its Advanced 3 Filter Technology and Fast Clean Air Delivery Rate.

Filters: Patented Urethane Carbon Filter, Pre Filter & Green Anti-flu HEPA Filter

Special Features:

  • Has a Clean Air Delivery Rate of 303 cubic meters/hour
  • Silent in operation
  • Has a very sleek and intuitive design
  • Has a patented Urethane carbon Filter which deodorizes the air in the room completely
  • Has the longest life for a HEPA filter of 8500 hours/filter
  • The multi-layered green anti-flu HEPA filter traps all the PM 2.5 particles and optimizes the flow of air
  • Has an innovative flow path design that ensures efficient and maximum airflow for such a slim air purifier
  • 3 Ordinary speed for airflow and also a turbo mode
  • One-touch speed control
  • Lowest power consumption of 38 watts

Room coverage area: 355 Sq.Ft 

Warranty and Support: Coway provides you with a separate 1-year warranty on the electrical parts and a 5 years warranty on the air purifier motor.


  • One of the most reliable air purifiers available on Amazon 
  • Slimmest air purifier model
  • Easy to use reliability
  • Excellent warranty coverage
  • Great customer service


  • None specifically observed

These are some of the reasons due to which this air purifier is considered as one of the best air purifiers in India 2020.

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2. Honeywell Air Touch i8 Room Air Purifier

Best Air Purifiers in India

Honeywell Air Touch i8 Room Air Purifier is the second-best air purifier in India in 2020.

The next one on our list is the Honeywell Air Touch i8 air purifier. 

Honeywell is a fortune 500 American conglomerate multinational company that is known for manufacturing the best air purifiers. And it is also known as one of the best air purifiers brands in India in 2020.

The Honeywell i8’s pre-filter and HiSiv filtration capabilities + HEPA along with its trusted ratings are the reasons why it is placed second on our list of the best air purifiers today.

Filters: HEPA, Pre-filter and HiSiv filtration

Top Features:

  • Has a real-time PM 2.5 and other pollution measurements meter
  • Easy to wash pre-filter
  • Seamless product design and polycarbonate body
  • Great and clear to read on the dashboard display screen
  • Ozone free air purification with the removal of Toxic gases, odor, VOCs, and Formaldehydes in the air
  • It has about 3000 hours of filter life. Translates to a year of product life if used for 8 hrs a day.
  • 300m3 / h CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate)
  • Available in White and Champagne gold colors

Room Coverage: 387 sq. ft approximately

Warranty and Support:

The Honeywell air touch i8 air purifier comes with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty.


  • Great product design and is best for interiors
  • Good performance
  • High air delivery rate and hence you can breathe and sleep in peace
  • Patented HiSiv filter works great


  • Honeywell needs to work towards their warranty handling department

These are some of the reasons due to which this air purifier is considered as one of the best air purifiers in India 2020.

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3. Mi Air Purifier 3 Having True HEPA Filter

Best Air Purifiers in India

Mi Air Purifier 3 with True HEPA Filter is third-best air purifier in India in 2020.

From the house of Xiaomi, third on our list is the Mi Air Purifier 2S bundle.

Mi is an industry leader in the mobile electronics market and this Mi Air purifier comes with an Echo dot package and even without it, and it is also one of the most reliable air purifiers and thus takes up the third spot on our list.

Filters: HEPA

Top Features:

  • Has an Amazon Echo Dot Bundle Package
  • OLED Display screen for a seamless display
  • The display shows the PM 2.5 Concentration, WiFi connectivity, Humidity, Temperature and Mode of Working
  • 3 different modes of operation (Manual, Auto and Night)
  • Laser Particle sensor for better filtering and capture
  • 310 m3 PM per HR capacity CADR
  • Can be controlled through a mobile app
  • 360 degrees air intake for all-round filtration
  • 3 Layer air filtration
  • 29 Watt power consumption thus does not give you a hefty electricity bill

Room Size: I deal for up to 400 Sq Feet large rooms.

Warranty and Support: 

Manufacturing warranty of 1 Year from the date of purchase. 


  • Lives up to the promise of keeping your home allergen and odour free
  • The night mode is really helpful and works silently
  • Easy to install and use 


  • A little noisy when in manual mode

These are some of the reasons due to which this air purifier is considered as one of the best air purifiers in India 2020.

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4. Philips AC1215/20 Air Purifier


This Philips AC1215/20 Air Purifier is the fourth-best air purifier in India in 2020.

Philips needs no introduction as an air purifier company and since 1891 it has been a leader in consumer electronics and in the electrical industry. It is also one of the best air purifier brands in India in 2020.

And the reason why this Philips 1000 series AC1215/20 Air Purifier is placed on number four on our list is that it has the ability to cover a massive 677 sq. feet of area and can house in any type of filter between a HEPA filter and a carbon filter.

Top Features:

  • Can eliminate 99.97% allergens thanks to the Extra thick NanoProtect True HEPA filter Series 1
  • Can also function with a carbon filter
  • It can also eliminate ultra-fine particles of 0.02 microns and particles that are 100 times smaller than PM 2.5 particles.
  • CADR (clean air delivery rate) is around 270 m3 / hr
  • Maximum wattage of 50 watts is used at high speed whereas the lowest is 11 watts
  • VitaShield Intelligent Purification System comes with NightSense mode, Automatic Mode and Allergen Mode
  • Certified by AHAM, ECARF, and Airmid
  • Touch-based 2 color display panel will give you all the info and real-time feedback
  • Includes a child lock

Room Coverage: 677 Sq Ft

Warranty and Support: The Air Purifier from Philips comes with 2 years of manufacturer’s warranty on the product. 


  • Maximum room coverage
  • Versatile function
  • Can function on HEPA and Carbon filter
  • Automatic night sense mode is a best way to go on with your work and sleep


  • Mode switching not seamless
  • Not great at removing odors

These are some of the reasons due to which this air purifier is considered as one of the best air purifiers in India 2020.

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5. Moonbow AP-A8400UIN 55-Watt Air Purifier


This Moonbow AP-A8400UIN 55-Watt Air Purifier is the fifth-best air purifier in India in 2020.

The next one on our list is the Hindware Moonbow AP-A8400UIN, a 55-watt air purifier due to its very economic pricing.

The Moonbow air purifier takes up the fifth position on our list because of its economic pricing and high coverage for its range, 5 layer air purification and also due to an aesthetically pleasing design

Top Features:

  • Comes with a HEPA filter purification method up to 0.3 microns
  • Also contains an internal activated carbon filter
  • Filtration method goes as follows 

Refreshing energizers <Pre filter> HEPA filter> Activated Carbon filter> UV filter

  • Has a Clear Air Delivery Rate (CADR) of 215 m3 per hour
  • Aesthetically pleasing design
  • Easy to wash pre-filter 

Room Coverage:  400 Sq Ft

Warranty and Support: 

Hindware offers you with a manufacturing warranty of 1-Year on the product for any making defects. 


  • Very economic
  • Great value for money
  • 1 Year warranty
  • 55 watts of economic energy consumption


  • Not so great in odour removal

These are some of the reasons due to which this air purifier is considered as one of the best air purifiers in India 2020.

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Best Air Purifier Brands in India 2020

Here are some best air purifier brands in India in 2020:

1. Philips

2. Moonbow

3. Mi

4. Honeywell

5. Dyson

Most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some of the most frequent questions that a buyer asks while choosing the best air purifiers in India in 2020:

What is the frequency of filter replacements inside an air purifier?

It completely depends on the quality of the indoor and outdoor air. Usually, you need to replace the filters annually. Having said that, if the air quality is poor like it is in cities like Dhanbad or Delhi, the frequency of replacing the filters could be shorter.

Which is the best air purifier in terms of performance?

One should always go for an air purifier with a minimum of 3-stage purification. This should comprise of the activated carbon filters, pre-filter, and the HEPA filters. Moreover, some of the modern-day air purifiers have UV filtration methods as well.

How do you reduce the noise produced by the air purifiers?

The noise is created due to the speed of the fans. And you can reduce the noise by reducing the speed of the fans. Modern air purifiers have built-in sensors that determine the level of impurities and adjust the fan speed accordingly. And they also take care to reduce the speed considerably at night thereby providing a higher degree of comfort.

Is an air purifier essential today?

If you line in the vicinity of Delhi, you are never going to ask this question. Of late, Delhi has been in the news for the wrong reasons (air pollution). There were reports of extreme pollution. In fact everywhere, you could see people wearing air masks. In such cases, the presence of an air purifier becomes essential.

How effective is the HEPA filter?

The HEPA filter can easily eliminate 99.97% of PM 2.5 impurities which an astounding performance by any standards.

What is the major disadvantage of having air purifiers?

The biggest drawback is that you need to change the air purifiers on the regular basis. And it is better to enter into an AMC with the manufacturer. Alternatively, buying products that have a filter change alarm to notify you in case the filters need a replacement or some repairing


So this was our detailed list of best air purifiers in India 2020. And we hope that you found the list helpful and you were able to find an ideal air purifier for your home. And if you are still confused then take a look at the features again.

And if your budget is 10k then we have a lot of good options. Mi Air purifier is great and you can see a lot of information on their app and control the purifier with it. And other options from Philips are also great performers. If your budget lies around 20000 then Philips Air Purifier is one the best air purifiers and you can go after it. It is loaded with features and the performance is brilliant as well.