Today, Most of the Indian ac customers are looking for the best air conditioning brand in India. This is just because most of them still trust the brand value. That means nowadays, air conditioner’s brand name is the first thing that the customer considers while buying the best and suitable air conditioners for their home. But since 2012, the competition between all the AC brands and AC companies has increased. This is just because every AC brand is trying to improve their quality and come up with a better product. And to help you deal with this problem that which one is the best AC brand for your home, our team of 91airconditioners has decided to put a list of best ac brands in India 2020. This list will surely help you to get the answer to the question that which is the best ac brand in India.

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best ac brands in india

Important considerations while choosing best AC brand for your home

There are several air conditioner brands and AC companies for consumers to compare before they choose one, whether it is for residential use or whether it is for a commercial building or office.

So, before you make the decision, you have to consider the quality of the brands, how well they will fit the set location, and what your budget is, in order to find the right a/c, for the most affordable price,


While comparing the different air conditioner brands that are available, you are going to want to compare the most well-known brand names and AC companies; but, you also have to set a budget for the purchase, in order to ensure you are going to have the ability to pay for the desired unit. As there are so many options to choose from, it is key that you consider all of them, and their key features, so that you find the right one for your needs and space.

Depending on whether it is commercial or residential, the choice of your air conditioner brands might differ for each customer; so, this is another factor that you have to consider when you are deciding on the a/c brand, and the price you are going to be able to spend on the unit when you are ready to make the purchase. The more you can spend, the better the quality you can expect when the time comes for you to purchase the new unit, regardless of where it is going to be used.


In order to get the best quality, and the price you want to pay, consumers have to shop around for the new a/c unit. In doing so, they are going to be able to compare all AC brands and AC companies functionality, and the different capabilities of each unit, prior to deciding on the one that is the perfect fit for the office, the home, or an entire commercial property. Considering these factors, and the top brands are the first thing that has to be done if you are looking for the very best quality you can get.

You do want quality, but when shopping for the different air conditioner brands, consumers are also looking to find the lowest prices. Since this is the case, the only way to find the brands you want, and the lower prices, is to compare various dealers before you choose the unit.

And Kindly check the quality of the services these AC companies and brands are providing to you.

Top 5 Best AC Brands in India

1. Hitachi AC Brand

best AC brand in india


Hitachi is recommended as one of the best AC brands in India. This brand was established by the Japanese in 1910. This AC Brand is one of the leading Air Conditioning brands in the Asian Market. Its popularity is the result of the high performance and durability that they provide in their air conditioners. Most of the Air conditioners launched by Hitachi are of affordable price range. And they never compromise with their quality. With that, This Japanese ac brand is considered as one of the best ac brands in the world.

Why Choose Hitachi?

  • Product Quality offered by this Brand is Excellent
  • Provides you with Effective Cooling
  • They generally use the most updated technology for getting better performance
  • Most of the Products offered by Hitachi are Energy-Efficient
  • Most of the Products offered by Hitachi are Powerful and Long Lasting

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2. Voltas AC Brand

best ac brand in india


Voltas is an Indian AC brand and has become one of the best air conditioning brand in India. According to our research, we have found that voltas dominates 23% of the Indian Market, which is a quite high percentage as compared to that of other popular AC brands like Bluestar and LG. One of the biggest reasons for Voltas’s growth in the Indian market is that they really know what their customers want. That is why Voltas has become a clear answer to the question that which is the best ac brand in India. Additionally, Voltas has a wide range of low to high budget air conditioners. And all these air conditioners have good ISEER ratings which they provide you in a much affordable price range. And it is one of the most trusted AC brands in India.

Why Choose Voltas?

  • This Brand provides you with the best service quality in the most Affordable Price Range
  • Their Service Centers are available in almost every part of India
  • Their Products Consumes less energy and helps you in saving electricity
  • Customer Support provided by this AC Brand is Excellent.

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3. Carrier AC Brand

91 air conditioners


Carrier is the Brand Name that is not much popular but in reality, it is one of the Key Global Leaders in the Indian Market. Most people don’t even know that carrier produces World Class ACs. Carrier air conditioners help you in saving a good amount of Electricity. And it is best known for its fastest cooling capability. And all these features are provided to you in a very affordable price range. That is why carrier is in our list of top 5 best ac brands in India. According to our research, we have found out that Carrier ACs have a much longer life as compared to the ACs produced by other AC brands. Additionally, it is well known for producing the first air conditioner in the world. To conclude, I will say that this AC brand is the most precise answer to the question that which is the best AC brand in India.

Why Choose Carrier?

  • Most of the AC Products of this AC Brand have Fastest Cooling feature
  • Quality of Product and Service offered by Carrier is very High
  • Provides Best Products in the most Reasonable Price Range
  • Their ACs consumes less power and have more Efficiency

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4. Blue Star AC Brand

AC brands


This AC Brand was founded in 1943 and is one of the most popular names whenever we talk about air conditioners. Initially, they produce reconditioning refrigerators and air conditioners. With that, Blue Star provides you with the best service quality. Additionally, Blue star is one of India’s leading air conditioning brands and is also well known for satisfying their customers needs. Precision cooling, dual rotary brushless motor are some of the technologies that are adopted by blue star and this thing not only improves their overall product quality but also help them in increasing their sales.

Why Choose Bluestar?

  • They use the most Extensive Technology to improve their Quality and Performance
  • Their Service Quality is also very high
  • Their products are reliable and Long Lasting
  • Their Air Conditioners are of Premium Quality

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5. Daikin AC Brand



Daikin is a Japanese brand and is well known for its quality services. This multinational company focuses more on HVAC rather than other home electronic products. In recent years, Daikin has taken a drastic growth and one of the major reasons for this growth is that they never comprise with their product quality. This ac company shares 11% of the market trust in terms of sales. Generally, Daikin’s ACs are budget-friendly and also provides you with optimal cooling. And these are some of the reasons why we are including this AC brand in our list of best ac brands in India 2020.

Why Choose Daikin?

  • Most of the Air Conditioners belong to this AC Brand are Budget-Friendly
  • They provides the best after-sales support
  • They have the best-in-class range of Split ACs
  • Their Products Requires Less Maintenance

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is a Brand?

It is a symbol or a name that companies use to distinguish their products from others.

Which AC brand is the best?

According to our research, Hitachi is the best one because they always satisfy their customers with their product quality. You can also refer our list of Best AC Brands in India for more information.

How to choose the best AC brand?

There are some important things that you should consider while choosing the best AC brand for you:

1. The Price provided by that AC brand should be affordable.

2. The quality of support provided by that AC brand should be High.


To conclude, I will just say that kindly check and compare the price rates and the quality of services that these AC companies or brands are providing to you. Additionally, I will say that the above-listed AC companies are considered best due to their affordable price range and best product and service quality.

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