Best Refrigerators Under 15000 in India [June 2020]

Are you looking for the best refrigerator under 15000? You are at the right place. We have compiled a list of top 5 best refrigerators under 15000 available in India as of June 2020.

And the refrigerators in this list have a capacity of 185L to 200L, which is suitable for a small family of 2-3 members. A couple of refrigerators of around 215L capacity are also listed.

We have tried to include only the best refrigerators from reputed brands like LG, Samsung, Whirlpool, Godrej, and Haier

All these brands make refrigerators (Fridges) that deliver great cooling.

And most of these refrigerators have built-in stabilizers so you won’t have to worry about voltage fluctuations. 

Most of these refrigerators have a 3-star rating that means they will consume between 200-300 units of electricity per year.

Prices of these refrigerators vary from Rs 10000 to Rs 15000. In this list of best refrigerators priced below 15000, you will find one or two fridges priced little above 15000.

Additionally, online prices change every day, so there might be a case where one of these refrigerator prices goes above 15000. 


We kindly request you to check the latest price and available offers by clicking on the links provided. 

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Important Considerations While Buying Refrigerators

First and foremost, you want to make certain the refrigerator you pick is going to work for you and your family. So after determining your budget, here are some things to consider.


This is one of the most important aspects of the refrigerator. You obviously need enough space to store everything but there are other things to take into account. Carefully measure the area where the refrigerator will go to make certain whichever one you choose will fit. Make certain to allow for the door and drawer opening space, as well as any manufacturer, recommended installation allowances. Also, make certain that whatever refrigerator you purchase will fit through any doorways in the home. Lastly, keep in mind that while manufacturers list capacity, this may not be accurate. Be sure to measure and carefully study the interior to make certain it will fit your needs. A good rule of thumb is to allow 10 cubic feet for two adults and at least 1.5 cubic feet for each additional person. While it may be tempting to err on the side of caution and buy the largest refrigerator, remember that unused space is a waste of energy.

Drawer/Shelf Options

While overall capacity is important, also consider how you will use the space. Do you have primarily frozen meals? Look for a larger freezer capacity. Do you have many fruits and vegetables? Look for larger crisper drawers. Is there often a pizza box or two in your refrigerator? Make certain there is at least one large shelf. Most refrigerators have adjustable shelves, crisper drawers, and in-door shelves. But take some time to make certain the configurations will work for your needs. Split shelves are common on many models now while pull out shelves are becoming increasingly common. Also, be sure to consider how easy it is to adjust the shelves.

Kindly go through this buyer’s guide and then take a look at our top 5 best refrigerators under 15000 in India.

Special Features

Refrigerators are coming with increasingly more sophisticated features so give serious thought to what you need and what your budget can handle.

In-door ice and water dispenser– This is the most popular feature and can be undeniably convenient. However, keep in mind they tend to need more repairs and you forgo storage space in the freezer when selecting this option. More advanced models include auto-fill, which detects the size of your cup, as well as measured fill, which gives you the exact amount you specify. There is also the option to have hot, filtered or carbonated water dispensed on some models.

Door-in-door storage access– A newer option, this features an external, smaller door in the refrigerator door. This allows you to grab condiments and items stored on the internal door shelves without opening the whole refrigerator door.

Air filters– These are making their way into refrigerators now and claim to reduce mold and bacteria growth.

Advanced Temperature Controls– While every refrigerator allows you to adjust the temperature of the refrigerated and freezer compartments separately, this takes it a step further. This allows you to set different temperatures for different zones of the refrigerator. Like your milk especially cold? Just set that area to a lower temperature.

Specialty– if you are interested in a refrigerator that will really stand out, there are some interesting features available. From a model with a built-in coffee maker to specifically designed herb storage drawers, they will have your guests talking. On the other hand, if you want a model that blends in, consider optional panels that match your cabinet faces. But keep in mind, while interesting, these options usually come with a steep price tag.

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Styles of Refrigerators

There are various styles to choose from, with positive and negatives of each. Check out each of the styles below.

Top Freezer


This is your traditional refrigerator with the freezer compartment stacked on top of the refrigerator compartment. These pack the most usable space for their size profile and are usually the most affordable. Both the refrigerator and freezer are accessed by doors that swing outward. Since the refrigerator is on the bottom, you may frequently find yourself crouching down to get items from the lower shelves.

Bottom Freezer

bottom freezer refrigerator

A twist on the traditional, these feature the refrigerator section stacked above the freezer section. The refrigerator section is accessed by a single swinging door while the freezer is a large pull-out drawer usually, although some models do have freezers accessible via a swinging door. These offer less space than traditional top freezer refrigerators but have the advantage of having the less often used freezer space at the bottom and refrigerator contents at eye-level. However, the design of the freezer section means you may have to do some rummaging to find the items you need, even in those models that have subdivided freezer sections.

French Door

french door refrigerator

These are gaining in popularity every day, although they can have a steep price tag. They feature the refrigerator stacked above the freezer. However, they differ from a bottom freezer in that the refrigerator section is accessed by two slim doors that open outward in opposing directions. Again, you have less usable space than traditional refrigerators but the slim profile of the doors is space-saving. These may also have one or more drawers stacked between the freezer and refrigerator and these drawers themselves may be frozen or refrigerated.

Side by Side

side by side refrigerator

As the name implies, this refrigerator features the refrigerator and freezer compartments next to each other. You can find models with equal size compartments or models allotting more space to the refrigerator. The slim doors swing outward in opposite directions so can be good for smaller kitchens. However, the slimness of the compartments may make it harder to fit larger items.

With so many options available, you should be able to find a refrigerator that will suit your needs perfectly. Just remember to read reviews, compare prices and stay within your budget.

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Now let’s take a look at the best refrigerators under 15000. We have listed the main specs with a brief review and pros cons and buy links. Our favorite fridge is listed at the end of this article.

Top 5 Best Refrigerators Under 15000 in India

1. Whirlpool 190L 3 Star Single Door Refrigerator

best refrigerators under 15000

Whirlpool 190L Single Door Refrigerator is the best refrigerator under 15000 in India.

Whirlpool has been one of the best brands in refrigerators for the last 2 decades. They have been manufacturing fridges with top-notch quality and performance.

Even at a price of below 10000, you will see that Whirlpool has provided good build quality and the refrigerator is very durable. 

Additionally, you get some nice features as well. Let’s go over them.

The first feature is 6th sense QuickChill Technology that helps in retaining the cool temperature for up to 9 hours when the power goes off, so you can get a chilled beverage even when the power cuts off. 

Second is Easy Manual Defrosting that ensures to provide effective cooling by allowing the refrigerator to defrost easily. 

The third is the vegetable crisper with Honey Comb Moisture Lock-in Technology which helps to maintain optimum moisture in your veggies and keeps them fresh for a longer period of time. 

This refrigerator comes with an inbuilt stabilizer and can function optimally within a fluctuation range of 130 – 300 V.

This refrigerator is great when it comes to cooling, power efficiency and build quality. The fridge is a bestseller and is highly rated by thousands of users on Amazon and Flipkart.

It is definitely one of the best refrigerators under 15000 Rs.


Capacity190 L
TypeSingle Door
DefrostDirect Cool
CompressorReciprocatory Compressor
Star Rating3
Weight42 kg with 536 mm x 604 mm x 1191 mm Dim.
ColorSolid Wine
Warranty5 Years on Compressor & 1 Year on Unit


Solid Build

Power Efficient

Good Cooling

Value for money

In-Built Stabiliser[/i2pros][i2cons]

Average Looks[/i2cons][/i2pc]

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2. LG 190L 4 Star Single Door Refrigerator

best refrigerators under 15000

LG 190L Single Door Refrigerator is the second-best refrigerator under 15000 in India.

LG is a well-known brand in India and they have brilliant after-sales service. High-quality products and services are things that differentiate LG from other brands.

The story with this refrigerator (Fridges) is similar as well.

This fridge from LG is well built with a beautiful printed floral design. The front door has a reflective finish and the refrigerator looks premium.   

The build quality is the best you would find in this price range. This refrigerator provides great cooling and it is very efficient as well.

This LG fridge is rated 4 stars and it will consume just 164 units of electricity in a year that means less than 0.5 units per day. 

The fridge has a Smart Inverter Compressor that gives you a silent and energy-efficient performance.

Because of its low power demand, you can connect to your inverter and enjoy the cool water and food even during power cuts. 

The Moist Balance Crisper on the bottom is for fruits and vegetables. The lattice-type box cover maintains the optimum level of moisture by condensing and evaporating the moisture from the food in the box. 

Overall it is a great option from LG and one of the best single door refrigerators under 15000 in India.


Capacity190 L
TypeSingle Door
DefrostDirect Cool
CompressorSmart Inverter Compressor
Star Rating4
Weight42 kg with 537 mm x 634 mm x 1170 mm Dim.
ColorHazel Aster
Warranty10 Years on Compressor & 1 Year on Product


Great Floral Design

Good Build Quality

In-Built Stabilizer

Good After Sales Service [/i2pros][i2cons]

No Cons[/i2cons][/i2pc]

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3. Haier 195L 5 Star Single-Door Refrigerator

best refrigerators under 15000

Haier 195 L Single-Door Refrigerator is the third-best refrigerator under 15000 in India.

Haier 195L refrigerator is a decent option if you are looking for a refrigerator at a price of around Rs. 10000 to 12000.

The cooling performance of the refrigerator is good. And the design of the fridge looks decent with a metallic finish on the front of the fridge.

The material quality is good and the refrigerator feels durable. And it comes with a 4-star rating and consumes less than 200 units of electricity.

This Haier refrigerator allows stabilizer-free operation, thanks to its inbuilt stabilizer.

It can operate within the range of 135-290 volts and it eliminates the need for an external stabilizer and protects your refrigerator from voltage fluctuations.

This fridge comes with longer condenser coils and heavy-duty PUF insulation and it helps the freezer to produce ice in about an hour.

The fridge comes with a fresh room that ensures freshness and coolness.

It’s the ideal place to keep green salad and dairy food, like cheese, as they will stay fresh for a longer period of time.

Overall one of the best options in under 200L refrigerators priced around Rs. 10000 to 12000.


Capacity195 L
TypeSingle Door
DefrostDirect Cool
Star Rating4
Weight32 kg with 531 mm x 620 mm x 1160 mm Dimension
ColorBrushed Silver
Warranty1 Year Comprehensive and 9 Years on the Compressor


Decent Build Quality

Good Cooling

4 Star Rating

Inbuilt Stabilizer[/i2pros][i2cons]

No Cons [/i2cons][/i2pc]

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4. Samsung 212L 3 Star Single Door Refrigerator

best refrigerators under 15000

Samsung 212 L Single Door Refrigerator is the fourth-best refrigerator under 15000 in India.

Samsung is one of the well-known brands when it comes to electronics and home appliances. This Samsung 3 Star Refrigerator is a single door refrigerator with a capacity of 212 Litres making it suitable for a family of 3 members. 

It has strong build quality, is spacious and has one of the best designs that would add beauty to your kitchen in your home space.

This refrigerator is a 3-Star Rated refrigerator and also has an inbuilt stabilizer. With it’s Direct Cool Technology and Digital Inverter Compressor, it consumes less electricity than the normal compressor. 

It comes with a warranty of 10 Years on Compressor and 1 Year on Refrigerator which adds peace to the mind of the buyer as they are secured for 10 Years.

Past users have given a thumbs up to this fridge with an average rating of more than 4, you can read the user reviews here.

Overall, it is a really good refrigerator from Samsung. Go for it if you are looking for a 200-220L refrigerator at a price of around Rs. 15000 to 16000.


Capacity212 L
TypeSingle Door
DefrostDirect Cool
CompressorDigital Inverter Compressor
Star Rating3
Weight35.24 kg with 532 mm x 594 mm x 1304 mm Dim.
ColorStar Flower Red
Warranty10 Years on Compressor and 1 Year on Refrigerator


Strong Build Quality

Inbuilt Stabilizer

Best After Sales Service

3 Star Rated[/i2pros][i2cons]

No Cons [/i2cons][/i2pc]

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5. Godrej 210L 3 Star Single Door Refrigerator

best refrigerators under 15000

Godrej 210 L Single Door Refrigerator is the fifth-best refrigerator under 15000 in India.

Godrej is an old and well-known name in the refrigerator industry which provides very great quality and powerful refrigerators.

This fridge has an appealing floral design on the front. It has a capacity of 210 L and has a 3 Star rating.

With this capacity, it is sufficient for a family of 3-4 members. The 3-star rating means it has good power efficiency and will consume only around 180-200 units of electricity annually.

At the bottom of this refrigerator, there is storage space called Dry Storage where you can store dry food like Potato or Onions or any other thing that does not require cold storage.

Additionally, It has a vegetable tray and an aroma lock that is responsible to keep the freshness and aroma intact. 

This fridge has an inbuilt stabilizer so you will not require buying a separate stabilizer. And it also comes with a big 10 years warranty on the compressor so you can stay tension free.

Nice design, good cooling performance, and great build quality make it one of the best single door refrigerators under Rs. 15000 in India.

Capacity210 L
TypeSingle Door
DefrostDirect Cool
CompressorNormal Reciprocating Compressor ​
Star Rating3
Weight44.3 kg with 57.7 cm x 66.7 cm x 134.2 cm Dim.
ColorWine Spring
Warranty10 Years on Compressor and 1 Year on Refrigerator


Power Efficient with 3 Star Rating

Inbuilt Stabilizer

Separate Dry Storage at Bottom

Beautiful Design and Colour Variety

Great Cooling [/i2pros][i2cons]

No Cons [/i2cons][/i2pc]

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Most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions that will strike in your mind while selecting the best refrigerators under 15000 in India.

Do I need a stabilizer for my refrigerator/fridge?

Usually, no. Most refrigerators/fridges are stabilizer-free or have a built-in stabilizer. But should your area be frequented with a power outage or you have a large size refrigerator, it is best to check if you would need a separate stabilizer.

What does toughened glass mean?

It means that the glass racks inside your fridge can bear heavy items and not break. It means you can put easily your bowls of salads and baked goodies without worrying if the compartment can carry it.

How much power does a refrigerator consume per year?

This all relies on how you use your refrigerator. The typical annual power consumption of a refrigerator ranges from 180 to 220 units.

Does my refrigerator/fridge need yearly maintenance?

Yes, just like most home appliances, refrigerators need to be check at least once a year. Ask the refrigerator manufacturer or company if this is included in your warranty and include maintenance tips you may do on your own, too.

Can I extend my warranty period after I purchased my refrigerator?

Yes, and sometimes there are discounts/offers upon purchase. But firstly, check if you are already offered a good warranty. And nowadays most refrigerators offer 10 years warranty.

Should I be worried if my refrigerator is making some noise?

First, determine what kind of sound or noise you are hearing. If you hear a blowing or air rushing inside, these are most likely caused by the fan inside. If it is a dripping sound, try to check if it’s dripping due to water being drained out during a defrost cycle. If you just turned on your fridge and you hear the motor running loudly, this is normal at start. And this should tone down after it balances the pressure inside. If not, you may need to have it checked by some technicians.

We hope we got you thinking about the best refrigerator for your home. We know you can now choose from the best refrigerators under 15000 reviewed by many consumers. Share this guide to friends and family looking for a new refrigerator to help them find the best there is, too.

Which is the best refrigerator brand in India in 2020?

Haier, Whirlpool, LG, Samsung, and Godrej are some of the best refrigerator brands in India in 2020.


So this was our list of best refrigerators under 15000 available in India. We hope that this list will help you in making the right decision. If you are still confused and thinking about which one you should purchase then go with our favorites listed below.

Our Favorite Refrigerators Under 15000

From the list of best refrigerators under 15000 in India, our favorite is the Whirlpool 200L Refrigerator.

Whirlpool manufactures some great refrigerators and this one comes with a good 200L capacity, super design, and an inbuilt stabilizer.

Additionally, you get a 10-year warranty on the compressor and Whirlpool has one of the best after-sales service networks across India. 

Here is the link to buy it: Buy Whirlpool Refrigerator From Amazon

Our next favorite is LG 190L 4 Star Refrigerator. It also has a good capacity, a beautiful floral design on the front, an inbuilt stabilizer and LG offers excellent after-sales service.

Here is the link to buy it: Buy LG Refrigerator from Amazon

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