Best Refrigerators Under 20000 in India [June 2020]

Looking for a new refrigerator under 20000? Here’s a list of top 5 best refrigerators under 20000 available in India as of June 2020.

I will assure you that after reading this article you will get the most appropriate answer to the question that “which is the best refrigerator under 20000 in India in 2020?”

We have selected the best fridges from various brands like Samsung, LG, Whirlpool, and Godrej. All these brands manufacture high-quality refrigerators at decent prices. 

And the capacity of refrigerators on this list is around 200 liters. On the lower side, you will see refrigerators of around 200 liters capacity and on the higher side, you will see the capacity of around 250 liters.

If you have a family 2 members then go for under 200L fridges and if you have 3 members then go for above 200 liters.

If you need less capacity then take a look at best refrigerators under 15000.

The price of fridges on this list varies from around Rs. 12000 to Rs. 20000. So you will find some best refrigerators under 15000 on this list as well.

The energy efficiency rating of some of the refrigerators is 4 or 5 stars that means you will get great savings in electricity bills. 

We have provided a brief review of each refrigerator with its specifications and pros and cons. And the most important thing you should note down, other than cooling, is the star rating of the refrigerator and whether it comes with an inbuilt stabilizer or not.

best refrigerators under 20000 in India

We have listed both types of refrigerators and we prefer refrigerators with an inbuilt stabilizer because then you don’t have to spend extra money on buying a new stabilizer. 

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Buying Guide For Refrigerators

Here is our buying guide that will help you in selecting the best refrigerator for your home. Kindly read it before taking a look at our list of top 5 best refrigerators Under 20000 in India

1) Refrigerator sizes and capacity

Before purchasing a refrigerator, decide where are you going to put it and what capacity do you need. The choice of size and capacity is made according to the proportions of space available. Conventional refrigerator (Fridge) depth is 60cm, but if you have a lot of free space, you may choose one with 80cm. The height relies on the chamber composition and may vary from 50 to 210cm. Width differs from 60 to 100 cm. The refrigerator-size and capacity should allow arranging products not very close to each other so that the air could circulate. Some more details…

For small flats and for those who don’t need a large refrigerator, the small and compact refrigerator will be convenient. Such refrigerator models have usually one chamber, with a small freezing section (there may not be freezer at all). And sizes of such models are 160cm height (but there are even smaller, like 50cm), width and depth are usually standard 60 x 60cm. These refrigerators are really the best choice for hotels and for those who live alone.

European type fridges can also be placed in your small kitchen. They have a narrow width but can touch even 2, 5m high. The standard depth for European countries is 60cm. In relation to the height, the capacity and size may vary from 200 to 350 liters. As the cold store and freezing chamber have separate doors, they are placed one under the other. It is common to find the freezing chamber on the bottom, but it can be vice versa. Such models are perfect for small families. The inaccessibility of top shelves to small people, especially to kids, can be a disadvantage.

But if you have a large kitchen, then it’s recommended to buy a wide refrigerator with a maximum width of 1 meter. The Asian brands (Samsung, LG) offer these kinds of models. Their advantage over the European models is that these ones would be much lower (under 180cm) and more convenient for everybody to access. The freezing chamber is usually on the top.

You can select a large size refrigerator among the Side-by-Side models. Their design is similar to the cabinet with two side doors: freezing chamber and cold store. Their capacity ranges from 300 to 650 liters. As their sizes are very large: width up to 1m, depth up to 85 cm, height up to 180 cm, these Side-by-Side refrigerators are perfect to store a lot of products.

Keep in mind the door opening while choosing the refrigerator because when the doors are open, they can limit movement in small rooms. A great feature of some models is the possibility to shift the side in which the door would open.

In our list of top 5 best refrigerators under 20000 in India, you will find all the refrigerators with good size and capacity under this price range.

2) Built-in refrigerator

The build-in refrigerators provide you the convenience that it fits perfectly in your kitchen interior. On top of that, you can control your build-in refrigerators without really opening its door as the temperature detectors are on the outside. You can use the space under the refrigerator for the shelves and dishwashers. The disadvantages are the costs and it’s a useful capacity that’s 2 times smaller then it’s size. A good suggestion for mounting is to let the air circulate freely by having slits in the furniture.

3) Number of chambers

As you can choose a number from 1 to 3, it’s preferred to take into account all the possibilities as their functionalities vary a lot. The refrigerators with just one chamber are generally small and have only one door. They are usually not equipped with a freezer section, but some models have a small freezer, that could store up to 2kg of meat.

The two-chamber refrigerators offer a cold store and a freezer and may have one or two doors. The gains of having two doors are that the chambers are isolated and opening the door of one chamber don’t affect the other one. In the long term, the energy power consumed is actually lower for temperature maintenance.

The triple-chamber fridge tries to take advantage of this idea even more, but the reduced payload volume due to their separation actually decreased their level of popularity.

The refrigerators with top freezing chambers can save up to 10% more energy than other refrigerator models.

It’s important to take into account how large your family is, so there is enough room for their needs.

In our list of top 5 best refrigerators under 20000 in India, you will find all the refrigerators with the higher number of chambers.

4) Cold store

The cold store is the most accessed part of the refrigerator and usually has a lot of different shelves (glass or in the form of lattice) and containers.

While lattice’s strong point is that they don’t prevent air circulating in the cold store, glass shelves have a more esthetic look and can be cleaned very easily. And make sure you can make any combination of shelves height as you may have varying hight products to store in them.

Regarding the defrosting, you can choose between the No Frost system and the dropping system. While the dropping defrosting system collects moisture or water vapor in a special tray to allow it to vaporize, it’s suggested to defreeze your refrigerator twice a year and actually cost less than the No Frost system.

In our list of top 5 best refrigerators under 20000 in India, you will find all the refrigerators with a huge cold storage compartment and shelves.

5) No Frost system

As only one temperature is maintained in the whole chamber, the advantage is that you don’t have it to defrost it manually as the moisture condenses and evaporates automatically.

And the disadvantage is that it takes up a lot of the capacity of the chamber and limits its payload.

In our list of top 5 best refrigerators under 20000 in India, you will find all the refrigerators that are having this No Frost system.

6) Refrigerator compressor

Choosing between one or two-compressor refrigerators depends on many factors.

It is clear that the small refrigerator will include only one compressor. Large refrigerators with one compressor are less expensive, but the downside is that the compressor will maintain temperature for both, the freezer and the cold store. Therefore, setting a lower temperature in one chamber would mean that the compressor will use additional energy to cool them both.

This is the main reason why it is advisable to select a refrigerator with two compressors. Firstly, only one compressor is not able to cool a lot of items quickly. Secondly, two compressors are always a must for a refrigerator with two separate chambers. Having separate motor cool in its own chamber allows you to set different temperatures. However, there are available a few models that allow that with just one compressor. When washing one chamber, an interesting advantage for the two-compressor refrigerator is that you can turn off its connected compressor while the one for the other chamber can continue operating normally.

In our list of top 5 best refrigerators under 20000 in India, you will find all the refrigerators have a good and a high-quality compressor

7) Freezer

There are several types of constructions inside the freezer, depending on its position. If the freezer is in the bottom part, then it usually has 3 cases that can be moved out. And if the freezer is on the top, then it is usually divided by shelves.

The primary criteria for the freezing chamber are the payload volume and the ability to maintain a certain temperature. The product shelf life depends on the store temperature. To store just one week, the temperature of -6°C is enough and indicates that the refrigerators have one star. If the temperature is -12°C, then the products can be stored for one month (two stars). If the temperature is -18°C, then your food will stay fresh for three months (three stars). Having the possibility to set the temperature lower than -18°C, allows you to keep even half a year and those refrigerators are marked with four stars.

You can have an automatic or manual defrosting system. Having a manual defrosting system you will have to switch off the freezing chamber, remove the hoar-frost and wash the chamber.

While choosing the refrigerator, you have to keep in mind that bigger is the freezing chamber, the smaller will be the cold store. Decide, which chamber is essential for you.

In our list of top 5 best refrigerators under 20000 in India, you will find all the refrigerators have the best and quality freezers under this price range.

8) Zero zone

The Zero zone chamber has zero temperature and high humidity permanently. It will allow the stored food to keep fresh for a longer period of time. It is perfect for those times when you want to cook products after a few hours and not want to freeze them completely.

9) Energy consumption class

It is important to choose the right refrigerator according to its energy consumption class. The most economical ones are marked with the letter “A”. The next is “B” and “C” classes, which are not very different from the first class and are considered to be economical. The difference between classes also consists of the ability to keep a certain temperature without electricity. That’s why searching for a higher class you may overpay for the fridge or refrigerator. Considerable difference in the price of two close by the energy consumption class refrigerators isn’t worthy of it. The main is, that the letter showing the class was no less than “C”.

Besides, if you want your refrigerator to use less energy and save some money in the long term, you should follow these simple rules. First, don’t put in the refrigerator the products, which temperature is higher than the room temperature. Don’t leave the doors open for a long time. Place the refrigerator as far away from the battery and cooker as possible.

In our list of top 5 best refrigerators under 20000 in India, you will find all the refrigerators with higher energy efficiency.

10) Refrigerator price

The price of the refrigerator is a vital factor. You are clearly not interested in an unaffordable refrigerator. The selling price will be dependent on the volume and the number of chambers, and also on their capabilities and the defrosting type. Added parts of the price will depend on the number of compressors, energy consumption class, and of course, the brand name. Additional functions increase the price. For example, a useful function is a sound to signal when the door is being open for too much time.

And in our list of top 5 best refrigerators under 20000 in India, you will find all the refrigerators with a nice and affordable price range.

As the web can help you find the refrigerator reviews, your job of selecting the ideal refrigerator maybe even a lot easier than you would imagine. After knowing all these criteria, you can get the best refrigerator for your needs.

Now let’s take a look at the top 5 best refrigerators under 20000 in India 2020.

Top 5 Best Refrigerators Under 20000 in India

1. LG 190L 4 Star Single Door Refrigerator

best refrigerators under 15000

LG 190 L 4 Star Single Door Refrigerator is the best refrigerator under 20000 in India.

LG is the most popular and well-known brand in India and they have great after-sales service.

High-quality services and products are things that differentiate LG from other brands. And the story with this refrigerator is similar as well. 

This LG refrigerator is well built with a beautiful printed floral design. The front door has a reflective finish and the refrigerator looks premium.

The build quality is the best you would find in this price range. The refrigerator provides great cooling and is very efficient as well. 

This LG refrigerator is rated 4 stars and it will consume just 164 units of electricity in a year which means less than 0.5 units per day. 

The fridge has a Smart Inverter Compressor that provides you a silent and energy-efficient performance.

And as its power demand is low, you can connect to your inverter and enjoy the cool water and food even during power cuts. 

The Moist Balance Crisper on the bottom is for fruits and vegetables. The lattice-type box cover maintains the optimum level of moisture by condensing and evaporating the moisture from the food in the box. 

And overall it is a great option from LG and one of the best single door refrigerators priced under 15000 in India.

And this refrigerator should be your first priority while choosing from the list of top 5 best refrigerators under 20000 in India.

Capacity190 L
TypeSingle Door
DefrostDirect Cool
CompressorSmart Inverter Compressor
Star Rating4
Weight42 kg with 537 mm x 634 mm x 1170 mm Dim.
ColorHazel Aster
Warranty10 Years on the compressor & 1 Year on the Product


Great Floral Design

Good Build Quality

Inbuilt Stabilizer

Good After Sales Service [/i2pros][i2cons]

No Cons [/i2cons][/i2pc]

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2. Whirlpool 215L 4 Star Single Door Refrigerator

Best refrigerators under 2000 in India

Whirlpool 215 L 4 Star Single Door Refrigerator is the second-best refrigerator under 20000 in India.

This is a 4-star single door refrigerator from Whirlpool and will consume only 171 units of electricity annually.

The design is gorgeous and the build quality of the fridge is also excellent.

The capacity is 215L which is suitable for a family of 2-3 members (3 adults or 2 adults and 2 kids).

And the floral design is something you are going to love about this refrigrerator.

The design is fresh as this refrigerator is from the latest range of refrigerators launched by Whirlpool in 2018.

Let’s talk about its features now.

This refrigerator comes with a unique crisper for fresh vegetables. 

It comes with the Advanced Moisture Control Knob and Microblock Technology that helps to maintain an optimum level of moisture in your vegetables. 

It also prevents 99.9% of bacterial growth to keep your vegetables fresh for up to seven days.

This fridge has a Laminar Air Flow and Insulated Capillary Technology which means you can get ice quickly.

The refrigerator has an inbuilt voltage stabilizer because of which it works well without a stabilizer, even when there are high voltage fluctuations (130 V to 300 V).

If you need a beautiful single door refrigerator with a capacity of more than 200L then this is one of the best options you would get under 20000 Rs. 

Capacity215 L
TypeSingle Door
DefrostDirect Cool
CompressorReciprocatory Compressor
Star Rating4
ColorSilver Bliss
Warranty10 Years on Compressor & 1 Year on the Unit


Power Efficient

Beautiful Floral Design

Solid build quality

Inbuilt Stabilizer

Good after-sales service [/i2pros][i2cons]

No Cons [/i2cons][/i2pc]

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3. Godrej 236L 2 Star Double Door Refrigerator

Best refrigerators under 2000 in India

Godrej 236L 2 Star Double Door Refrigerator is the third-best refrigerator under 20000 in India.

This Godrej refrigerator has solid build quality with good looks.

The refrigerator is well priced and it is one of the most affordable double door refrigerators you can purchase in India.

The fridge has a capacity of 236 L which is suitable for a family of 3 members.

The build of the refrigerator is good and it feels durable. With that, Godrej has done well with the floral design on the front.

The handles are sturdy and quality is also great. The fridge performs well in the cooling department and comes with plenty of amazing features. 

It has an inbuilt stabilizer so you won’t have to spend extra money.

The fridge has Anti-B Technology that means the air duct’s silver ions and the gasket’s antimicrobial resistance keep food fresh and germ-free.

It has a vegetable box at the bottom. It has Honey Comb Crisp Cover and the Humidity Controller ensures that your vegetables don’t get spoilt by retaining the moisture. 

The Full-Length Lamp inside the fridge ensures that your entire refrigerator is lit up.

The fridge is a 2-star model so it will consume around 300 units of electricity in a year that means less than 1 unit per day which is reasonable. 

The refrigerator offers good value for money and is one the best refrigerators under 20000 in the double door category.

Capacity236 L
TypeDouble Door
DefrostFrost Free
CompressorRotary Compressor
Star Rating2
Weight47.15 kg with 685 mm x 597 mm x 1437 mm Dim.
ColorSilver Strokes
Warranty1 Year Warranty on machine+10 Years Warranty on Compressor


Metallic Finish on Front

Solid build quality

Inbuilt Stabilizer

Good After Sales Service [/i2pros][i2cons]

No Cons [/i2cons][/i2pc]

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4. LG 215L 4 Star Single Door Refrigerator 

Best refrigerators under 2000 in India

LG 215L 4 Star Single Door Refrigerator is the fourth-best refrigerator under 20000 in India.

LG is one of the best refrigerator brands in India and our favorite as well because of its great quality and excellent after-sales service.

Generally, LG products are slightly overpriced as compared to other brands but this refrigerator is not overpriced at all.

And it is a value for money product from LG. At around Rs. 15000, you are getting a good 215 Liters capacity. The design of the front of the refrigerator also looks premium.

It is 5 stars rated therefore you get great power efficiency. The refrigerator will consume around 170 units of electricity annually.

This refrigerator comes with a fast ice feature and will deliver ice in less than 2 hours. 

It also has a special lattice-type box cover that makes sure that the amount of moisture inside your fridge is optimum, so the stored food and vegetables are fresh and moist for a longer duration of time.

Additionally, it comes with an inbuilt stabilizer as well. With that, LG is offering a 10-year warranty on the compressor which is great. 

Overall it is one of the best single door refrigerators in India in 2020.

Capacity215 L
TypeSingle Door
DefrostDirect Cool
CompressorReciprocatory Compressor
Star Rating5
Weight43 kg with 591 mm x 638 mm x 1230 mm Dim.
ColorScarlet Aster
Warranty10 Years on Compressor and 1 Year on Refrigerator


Excellent Build Quality

Great Cooling

Nice Design

5 Star Rated

10 Years Warranty on Compressor [/i2pros][i2cons]

Quite Expensive [/i2cons][/i2pc]

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5. Samsung 253L 3 Star Double Door Refrigerator

best refrigerators under 20000 in india

Samsung 253 L Double Door Refrigerator is the fifth-best refrigerator under 20000 in India

Samsung is a well-known brand across the world and one of the best refrigerator brands in India as well.

This 3 Star refrigerator from Samsung has a beautiful metal finish on the front which will look great in your kitchen.

And we love this refrigerator because it provides great performance and value for money as well.

The design of the refrigerator is very premium and it feels very durable as well. The hidden hinges and recessed handles provide a touch of elegant minimalism that complements any modern decor. 

The Moist Fresh Zone(box at the bottom) keeps perishable vegetables and fruits fresher for longer.

A tight seal prevents moisture from escaping when humidity is low, while a vent removes excess moisture when humidity is high. 

This Samsung 253L double door refrigerator comes with an All-around Cooling system that cools the fridge evenly from corner to corner. 

Cold air is blown out through multiple vents on every shelf level, so it maintains a constant temperature and food stays fresher for a longer duration of time.

Easy Slide Shelves help to easily slide and place food items on the inner side of the shelves that means better utilization of space. 

This 3 Star Samsung Refrigerator is powered by the advanced Digital Inverter Technology which makes precise cooling adjustments to keep your food fresh for longer

Along with that, it also senses temperature changes and adjusts the compressor speed accordingly which helps in reducing energy wastage.

The Samsung refrigerator has an inbuilt voltage stabilizer so you don’t need to spend money on buying a new stabilizer.

These are some of the positive things that make it one of the best double door refrigerators in India under Rs 20000.

Capacity253 L
TypeDouble Door
DefrostFrost Free
CompressorDigital Inverter Compressor
Star Rating2
Weight52 kg with 555 mm x 637 mm x 1545 mm Dim.
ColorElegant Inox
Warranty10 Years on Compressor and 1 Year on the Product


Premium Metal Finish

Solid build quality

High Capacity

Inbuilt Stabilizer

Good After Sales Service [/i2pros][i2cons]

No Cons [/i2cons][/i2pc]

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Most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does my refrigerator/freezer need any routine maintenance?

Yes. See our Maintenance Tips section for more information.

Can I put a freezer/refrigerator out in my garage?

Yes. But only, if the refrigerator or the fridge is self-defrosting, don’t let the garage temperature drop too much below 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Otherwise, the oil becomes thick and causes premature failure in the compressor.

How full can I pack my freezer?

There is usually no limit to how full it can be. Just take care not to block air vents. For best and quality efficiency, try to keep it at least half full.

How full can I pack my refrigerator?

Refrigerators work best if they’re not packed full, because the airflow becomes restricted, which limits cooling capability.

How cold should my refrigerator/freezer be?

Your refrigerator should be 36 to 40 degrees Fahrenheit and your freezer 0 to 8 degrees.

Can I change the doors from one side to the other?

Usually, yes. You can reverse the doors on most refrigerators. Consult the user’s manual for your refrigerator/freezer to get the proper instructions. If you no longer have the owner’s manual but do have the model number of your refrigerator, you can order the manual at our parts order center.

How do I dispose of my old refrigerator/freezer?

New federal laws make it illegal to send a refrigerator/freezer to the dump without first removing the refrigerant. Contact a local appliance repair company and ask for a technician’s help to remove the refrigerant. And be sure they show a valid license and give you a compliance certificate. Some local municipalities will pick up units and properly dispose of them, though often for a nominal fee. Check with yours to find out what to do.

Is it easy to add an ice maker to my freezer/refrigerator?

Yes, if your freezer/refrigerator has the necessary internal wiring (most do). If you have the model number of your refrigerator/freezer, you can order an ice maker kit from our parts order center.

How much clearance do I need behind my fridge or refrigerator?

If the unit has a large black, grid-like device on the back, you should leave at least 1 inch of space between the wall and the grid, and avoid “building-in” the appliance. And if there is no grid on the back, you may push the unit all the way to the wall.

Can I change my manual defrost refrigerator/fridge to frost-free?

No. There are numerous components, internal wiring, and design differences.

How can I change the seal around the door?

Follow the instructions that come with the seal. A person with moderate repair skills can easily replace the seal. And if you have the appliance model number, you can order the seal from our parts order center.

How can I pull the refrigerator away from the wall to clean?

Virtually all refrigerators made in the last 15 years stand on built-in rollers. Often you need to retract the front leveling legs before trying to move your refrigerator unit. Unloading the food items from the unit first really helps too. Grab the fridge near the bottom and pull it straight out, taking care not to damage your floor. Check out our Easy Glide Tracks in the parts section to make this whole process easier.

Can shelves be added to the refrigerator/freezer?

Usually. If there is room in your unit for an additional shelf, and the necessary hardware in the walls and ceiling, you can add a shelf. To order the shelf from our parts order center, you will need the exact model number of your refrigerator unit.

How often should I clean the coils that lie under the refrigerator?

At least once a year. See our Maintenance Tips section for further details.

And all the refrigerators in our list of top 5 best refrigerators under 20000 in India requires less maintenance

How can I prevent shelves and brackets from breaking?

Many of the plastic parts in your freezer/refrigerator are fragile. Kindly take care not to load–or force–too many items onto the shelves or slam the door very hard.

Does the freezer get warmer during self-defrost?

Yes. The freezer temperature rises by about 20 degrees during the defrost cycle. This is normal and doesn’t affect the quality of the food in your freezer.

What is freezer burn & how should I prevent it?

Freezer burn is dehydration caused by food being exposed to the air inside the freezer. Often the wrappings used in supermarkets don’t prevent dehydration. Re-wrapping foods in airtight containers or wrappings usually avoid this problem. It is not unsafe to cook and eat freezer-burned food, but the resulting meal is often tough and tasteless!

My refrigerator seems to run constantly. Is that normal?

It’s generally not normal. If your refrigerator/freezer runs constantly it may:

  • Have a dirty condenser coil. See our Maintenance Tips section for help in cleaning i
  • Not have adequate clearance around the appliance for proper airflow
  • Have a bad seal on one of the doors of your refrigerator.
  • Have a light bulb that is not going off while the door is closed
  • Have excessive frost build-up on the internal evaporator coils of your refrigerator
  • Have a defective thermostat
  • Below on refrigerant

How long can I expect my refrigerator to last before I replace it?

The average life of a refrigerator is between 14 to 17 years. Some last many more years, others many fewer.

Note: All the refrigerators in our list of top 5 best refrigerators under 20000 in India have a longer life span.


So this was our list of top 5 best refrigerators under 20000 in India. We hope it was helpful and you were able to find the best and suitable refrigerator for your home. If you still have confusion then take a look at our favorite. 

Our Favorite on this list:

Samsung 253L 2 Star Double Door Refrigerator is our favorite on this list. It is a double door refrigerator and comes with a good capacity of over 250L. It looks great and offers good cooling performance. Additionally, it has an inbuilt stabilizer. So if you want to go with our choice then purchase this one. Here’s the link to buy it:

Buy Samsung 253L Refrigerator from Amazon

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