AC Repairing

The general cause of the improper functioning of an AC fan is loose or dirty blades. The fan will generally begin making a lot of noise and the best remedy is to clean and tighten the blades. Listed below are some of the steps that you should need to consider in order to do ac repairing.

First, you need to find the fan by opening the AC’s cabinet.

Once you have found it clean away all the dirt that has accumulated on the blades of the fan using either a vacuum or a soft brush.

The fan ban blades are normally held by the motor shaft at their hubs by set screws. If the blades are loose just tighten the set screws using a screwdriver or an Allen wrench.  If your AC has a round vent fan you can use a long-blade screwdriver to tighten the fan on the motor shaft. Vibrations are normally the cause of loose bolts that hold the fan in the casing. A wrench would come in handy in fixing this problem.

Proper lubrication also aids in reducing the noises produced by an AC fan. Just apply a few drops of 20 weight non-detergent motor oil before the summer season begins.

You may also use the VOM set to RX1 scale to test if the fan motor is malfunctioning. Just clip the probes of VOM to the terminal wires once you have disconnected these wires from the terminals. If the meter reading ranges between 3 to about 30 ohms then your motor is functioning properly. On the other hand, if the meter reads one of these two extreme values then it is faulty and has to be replaced.

For you to replace your fan you will need to remove the mounting bolts, connecting wires then the fan itself. After this, you can replace the fan with a new one by repeating the same procedure in reverse order. However, if you will have to move the condenser coil to get the fan out it is advisable that you contact an HVAC professional.

And it is to inform you that every air conditioner requires proper ac repairing at a regular interval in order to work more efficiently.

ac repairing

Some Common AC Problems

1. Air Conditioner Freezing

Most people experience their AC systems freezing from time to time. If you are one of them then you need to ensure that your unit is checked because if you allow the freezing to continue your unit may be damaged entirely.

The reasons why your air conditioner is freezing

The freezing of an air conditioner may be explained from very many angles. The most common problem being that your refrigerant is leaking and has gotten to very low levels. This leads to the constant formation of ice in the air conditioner leading to freezing of the whole system. If you let your AC system to continue working with the ice, it may get damaged completely.  This explains why it is always important to check the ice levels in your AC regularly and subsequently turn the system off to allow the ice to melt.

Another method you may use to prevent the freezing of your air conditioner is by ensuring that there is no leakage. The drainage pipe should be connected properly and if you discover a major problem with your unit, which you cannot solve, then contact a professional to repair your air conditioner.

Some other things you need to check is the filter and fan wheel. They have to be clean. At times the inside part of the fan may have pieces of plastic or mold. Ensure that the filter is replaced regularly to prevent freezing.

The temperature levels of the environment may play a big role in the freezing of the air conditioner. Ensure that the temperatures are not set to very low levels at night, as the AC would accumulate more ice. When the temperature difference outside and inside the unit is rather high then the air conditioner will freeze. You can counter this by installing a device to control and adjust the temperature according to the room temperature.

Ensure that the cool contacts remain open if the room temperature is higher than that outside. If this is not the case, the thermostat has malfunctioned and needs to be replaced.

It is highly advisable that you check the filters and pipes of the air conditioning unit and ensure the unit, in general, is services at least once a year by an HVAC professional for enhanced cooling.

This problem is so common in modern air conditioners that can be easily resolved through ac repairing.

2. Blasting Hot Air

You will experience a lot of discomforts if your car Ac is not operating effectively during the summer season. Many people would like to avoid such a situation. The major problem that most people face with their car AC is that it may emit hot air. This article explains why at times this is the case.

It is always important to understand the different parts for your car AC if you are planning to repair it or have it repaired. This will enable you to determine the original source of the problem. The three major parts are the refrigerant, compressor, and condenser. The refrigerant is a fluid that acts as the cooling component by absorbing the heat. The compressor, on the other hand, pushes the refrigerant enabling it to get rid of the heat it has absorbed. The condenser works by changing the liquid into gas.

There are a number of explanations why the car’s AC will blast out hot air instead of cool air. It may be caused by low levels of the refrigerant that limits the functionality of the compressor or in some cases, something may be obstructing the air passage of the AC system. Another explanation to this may be that the AC’s interior blend air door is jammed on the heat setting preventing the air from moving to the AC’s evaporator.

This problem is very common in cars with a dual-zone climate control system. This feature allows the passenger of the vehicle to choose the temperature they find suitable. If your vehicle’s AC is known to blow hot air resulting from low refrigerant levels or a jammed HVAC blend air door, the best place to take it would be to an HVAC specialist for repair.

Generally, these are the two main causes of a car’s AC malfunction. First, the refrigerant may not have the ability to absorb the heat. Second, the AC may have low levels of refrigerant and in some cases none at all and thus it is not able to release the cool air. Ensure that you check for any leakages or clogs inside the system. Check the condenser to ensure it works effectively. It is located in front of your car and appears very similar to a small radiator. If it is obstructed by dust, clean it with a brush or flush it with water. Clean it carefully to avoid damaging your AC. In case you have checked all the above faults and found none, yet Ac does not function then you will need to visit a professional whose ac repairing skills will definitely solve your problem.

ac repairing

3. Water Leaking Problem

In the US, your heating bills will reduce by over 70% if you have a system that works perfectly. Despite this, a malfunction occurs occasionally. There are three main reasons for system malfunction namely dirty filters and exchange coils, blocked drains and a shortage of refrigerant. These are easy to repair but remember to turn off the Ac system before beginning to work on it.

How to fix Dirty Filters and/or Blocked Heat Exchanger

It is always vital to maintain a steady temperature on the exchange coil failure to which it would drop to zero and this will be the cause of many problems. The main causes of this are dirty or blocked filters and the coil. The moisture in the air will cool and form ice particles that are blown out causing water to leak from your AC system.

Cleaning your filter is not a difficult problem. You can do it using either a showerhead or hosepipe and to further enhance the hygiene, you should complete the process by spraying with a kitchen or bathroom antiseptic spray to remove the mould or bacteria present.

Once you are done doing this, you may now check the aluminum coil behind the filters. Ensure that the lint covering is dry then clean it using a brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner. In cases where the coil is extremely dirty, you can use a grease-removing kitchen cleaner together with a garden spray bottle to clean it.

Ensure that you check the manufacturer’s manuals on the various maintenance services and how they should be carried out. Keep water away from the electrical panel on the air conditioner.

How to unblock the drains?

Diagnosing a blocked drain is very easy if a wall-mounted, ductless air conditioner is fitted. The symptom you need to check out for is water dripping down the wall from the back of the unit or through the air outlet at the front.

Fixing this problem is quite easy

When standing on a ladder and looking down from the top of the conditioner you will notice a small plastic tray at the bottom of the heat exchanger. This tray catches the condensation produced by the air condition while in cooling mode. Check to see if it is overflowing with water.

If your outdoor unit is located directly behind the mounted indoor unit, then the fitted drainpipe in most cases follows the pipework through the wall and drips outside the house. You only need to find the end of the outside drain pipe clean it and blow through it with air to get rid of any blockages.

If this does not solve your problem or if the pipe is buried within the wall, it is advisable to go for ac repairing and contact an HVAC professional to solve the problem for you.

A leaking or lost refrigerant

When the air filters and heat exchangers are working well, then you should have plenty of air flowing through the system. Problems occur is the system is not able to cool the home effectively. After trying for some time, it may begin leaking water from the air vent. The main cause if this is lack of refrigerant.

What you need to do is set the heat pump to the lowest setting possible and leave it to run for some time. You should then check the heat exchange coil underneath the filters. If it is covered with ice, then there is a leak and it should be found and fixed. After which more refrigerant should be added.

If you doubt that this is not the cause of the problem, contact the nearest HVAC repair company for advice.

And to avoid the above-listed ac problems ac repairing should be done on a regular basis.

How to Repair an AC?

In the end, this video will clear all your doubts about ac repairing and helps your ac provide you with better cooling.


To conclude, I will say that most of the ac problems can be avoided through proper ac maintenance and proper ac repairing.

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