O General AC (Air Conditioners)

O general is one of the best ac brands and is known for manufacturing different types of Air Conditioners that are available in a varying price range. And O general offers you air conditioners that have eco-friendly technology, nice energy-efficiency, and efficient cooling operations at high temperatures. And In this article, we have provided detailed information about O General Air Conditioners and this Information will surely help you while choosing the best o general ac (air conditioner) for your home.

O General AC

People who live in the middle east where the temperature sometimes crosses 50 Degree Celcius marks have also suggested that O General AC is the best -as it can provide adequate cooling even at such a high temperature.

O general is also known as Fujitsu General which is a Japanese air conditioning brand and their headquarters lies in Chennai.

This brand manufactures all types of ACs that range from Windows to Split, from cassette to ductable.

To summarize, I will say that this brand has the ability to satisfy both residential and industrial needs.

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Now, Let’s discuss the main features and technologies of O general Air Conditioners.

Main Features and Technologies

1. Hot and Cold

Whenever you hear the term AC, the first thought that comes to your mind is that it is an appliance that can decrease the temperature of the enclosed area by blowing a chilled air inside that closed space such that comfort level is maintained.

But the idea of “conditioning” which was later invented by the pioneers of the air conditioning system increased the level of air conditioners all around.

Through this “Conditioning” feature a specific or a desired temperature can be set. That means air conditioners can provide you both heating and cooling.

This way you can your ac in both summers as well as winter.

And all the modern o general air conditioners have that feature of “conditioning”. They have an inbuilt heater functionality that can reverse the air conditioning cycle and provide you with adequate heat even during the frosty winters.

Additionally, O General Air Conditioners does not contain any heating element, which not only makes them much more energy efficient but also eliminates the problem of low oxygen which was a major issue with conventional air conditioners in the past time.

2. Human Sensor

o general ac

Human Sensor is one of the features of O General AC as it can figure out how many people are there inside the room and hence provides cooling accordingly.

It Senses the movement of all the people or humans that are inside the room and when they leave the room it smartly accommodates itself on the lower capacity which further results in the saving of energy.

3. V-PAM Inverter Technology

o general ac

As discussed, O General manufactures all types of air conditioners. In the market, you will find both Inverter and Non-Inverter Split Air Conditioners.

Inverter air conditioners are no doubt one of the best air conditioners when it comes to energy-saving. As we know, That air conditioners are the biggest power-consuming home appliance.

Whenever we hear this term “Inverter Technology”, the first question that comes in your mind will be ‘What Inverter Technology really means?’. Well to make you understand, I will explain it in a very simple way.

Inverter technology provides power to the compressor. Due to this technology, the compressor always remains on.

The amount of power consumed by the compressor depends on the temperature of the incoming air and the level set in the thermostat.

And with that, Speed and power of the compressor are adjusted accordingly.

Models of O General Air Conditioners from ASGG series have a V-PAM Inverter Technology which can adjust the frequency according to the atmospheric conditions and hence provide you with the most pleasant cooling experience.

V-PAM (vector-controlled pulse amplitude modulation) is a technique through which electrical losses are minimized. These losses are reduced by improving the current waveform into a sinusoidal waveform.

Due to V-PAM Inverter Technology, the effect of magnetic flux will be reduced and hence the speed of the compressor will get increased which ultimately results in faster cooling of the room.

4. High-Density Multi-Path Heat Exchanger


Technically, for rapid cooling faster heat exchange is required. And in modern O General Inverter Air Conditioners, you will get this type of heat exchange as they have a high-density lambda type heat exchanger with a multi-path efficiency.

These types of heat exchangers are designed with a high performance grooved piping which boosts up the heat exchange process.

5. Easy to Maintain Negative Air Ions Deodorising Filter

air filter

In Modern O General Air Conditioners, negative air ion deodorizing filter is present which deodorize the air before it is circulated.

This process will remove all the offensive odors present in the negative air ions along with the minor dust and dirt particles.

And in the end, you will not only get a pleasant cooling but also get fresh and clean air to breathe.

One of the best things about this filter is that it is easily removable and washable.

6. Sleep Function and Auto Restart Function

auto restart function

In India, power cuts are common, especially in small towns and villages. This power coming and going can sometimes affect the longevity and running settings of the electrical appliance.

That means when the power comes, these running settings will get lost and the air conditioner will remain switched off.

Auto-restart function is this only solution to this problem because through this feature, the air conditioner is able to keep the log of all the running settings before the power cut and after the power cut.

And whenever the power comes after a power cut, all the previous running settings are restored due to this auto-restart function.

So, you can now have a peaceful sleep as you don’t have to worry about changing the settings of the air conditioner after a power cut.

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Pros and Cons of O General Air Conditioners


They are Versatile

Cooling Speed is Strong

Easy to Maintain

Performs well even at High Temperature

Quality is high[/i2pros][i2cons]

Price is high

Maintenance is easy but expensive

Service network is not strong in India

Installation charges are also high[/i2cons][/i2pc]

Buyers Guide

Best O General Air Conditioners in India

1. O GENERAL Inverter Wall Mounted Split Air Conditioners ASGG24CGTA

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2. O General ASGG14CGTA Split 5 Star Inverter 1.2 Ton Air Conditioner

Click here to buy this AC at Amazon

3. O General ASGA18FUTC Split 3 Star 1.5 Ton Air Conditioner

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4. O General ASGA18FTTC Split 3 Star 1.5 Ton Air Conditioner (White)

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Types of O General AC

1. General Window AC

These types of air conditioners are easy to install and are suitable for a small-sized room.

2. General Split-Cooling

These type of air conditioners have a large fan with a powerful motor which provides better transfer of heat.

3. General Inverter Split

These type of air conditioners operates at a very low noise as their compressor and condenser lie outside. Additionally, it also provides faster cooling inside larger rooms.

4. General Inverter Split (Hot and Cold)

These air conditioners are the most energy-efficient as power consumption is reduced when the set temperature is reached.

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I hope, this article will help you to decide which one is the best O General AC for your home.

O General ACs have got all the good qualities that makes one go after this AC brand.

As we know, O General ACs come at a premium, which means not just at a buying cost.

So, if money is not a big concern for you then you can definitely go after this AC brand. And in peak summers, you will definitely not regret your decision of buying this AC.