How to Keep Your Central Air Conditioning System at Top Efficiency

central air conditioning system

Due to the rising costs of energy, it is very important that you ensure you buy central air conditioning system and heating models that consume less energy. It does not matter whether you use oil or gas the overall cost may be very high. We cannot stop using the cooling and heating systems in our homes due to the varying climatic and weather changes. This article offers a number of great tips that will ensure you reduce the energy consumption in your home.

The first tip is to ensure that if you are using any central air conditioning system, then there is proper airflow in your home. If you have dirty air filters they may block the airways making the machinery use more energy.  Always inspect the conditioners filters occasionally and replace those that need replacing. This will enable you to spend less in terms of energy costs every year.

central air conditioning system

The second tip is ensuring frequent inspection of your evaporator and condenser coils. If you lack the professional know-how of doing this you can seek the services of a professional. This will enable you to know whether or not your evaporator is blocked or not. Normally a blocked evaporator forces the system to consume more energy and thus raises the monthly costs. You also need to understand that if your evaporator is blocked the system will wear out faster. To avoid this you always have to ensure that your coil is clean. You may keep them clean using a low-pressure hose so as not to damage the coil given its fragile nature. You can keep the evaporator coil clean using soap and warm water. But great care needs to be taken when cleaning the coil so as to avoid damaging the fins. An old toothbrush may come in handy when cleaning inside the coil.

Another useful tip is the proper maintenance of your product. There are a number of things that affect the temperatures in your home. Good examples are fallen insulation and crumbled or damaged duct lines. Whenever you detect any of these problems it is highly advisable that you contact the service company to have them repaired or replaced. It is advisable that you contract an expert in duct repair and installation to inspect your system every month.

Lastly, the best decision you can ever make that will help you in lowering your monthly energy costs is by purchasing a service agreement from a service company. This will ensure that an expert inspects your system twice a year and makes all the necessary repairs. The expert will also offer many tips on simple maintenance tasks. The company you choose should be able to offer the best services. You can compare the overall cost and the features of different agreements.

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