What is Inverter AC?

Most of the Indian AC buyers and customers don’t have much knowledge about Inverter Air Conditioners. Due to which they generally neglect this type of AC whenever they purchase the Air Conditioner for their home. So to help you out, our team of 91airconditioners has gathered some information about Inverter Air Conditioners. And I will assure you that After reading this information you will get the most precise answer to the question that What is Inverter AC and how they are different from the regular air conditioners that we are using.

Reasons For Why Should you Consider Inverter ACs

Everybody is talking about inverter air conditioners and how they are helpful in minimizing the amount of energy that is required by them. Since we are aware that the steps we take to save energy will give us a cleaner environment, why not switch to these air conditioners? They have become a very obvious choice for all those who have a house or office of their own and wish to keep the same for a long time in the future. Let us discuss the reasons.

These are a very good alternative to the conventional air conditioners. They work fast and hence, reach the desired temperature much quicker, they are noiseless and are available in a number of sizes. As soon as the unit is switched on, the compressor starts working and the room is cooled. Contrary to the working of a normal conditioner, the compressor speed is increased or decreased based on the temperature that needs to be maintained in the room. This way, it does not have to switch on and off at regular intervals, thus saving energy.

what is inverter ac

You can either buy a new unit or upgrade the existing one to the inverter type. It is a fact that the initial charges of getting the inverter air conditioners installed in much more. However, their capacity to save such a huge amount of energy, in the long run, makes the cost appear minuscule. There are many ac companies that manufacture inverter units and make sure to check their unique features and prices before opting for a specific ac company.

The importance of air conditioners in any sort of building has made people more aware of the number of options available to them. Since the number of choices is many, you will have to do a bit of research and then proceed further.


An Inverter AC which is generally known as Inverter Air Conditioner can be defined as an air conditioner unit with Inverter Technology.

How Inverter Air Conditioners are different from Non-Inverter Air Conditioners?

Unlike conventional air conditioners, inverter air conditioners serve a lot many purposes than just regulating the temperature of a house. A regular air conditioner is switched on when there is a need felt for a regulation it eh room temperature. But inverter air conditioners are usually kept running throughout the day. This helps in easing the pressure on the compressors. With regular air conditioners, the constant on and off of the unit breaks down the compressor – thus there are more costs to the air conditioner than one envisages. With inverter air conditioners, the constant running of the unit eases the compressor pressure, thus eliminating further costs.

Unlike regular air conditioners, inverter air conditioners are faster to achieve the desired room temperature. As they are on for a longer period than the normal air conditioners, they serve the purpose better too. Also, the inverter air conditioners require lower current at startups than the other air conditioners and thus further contribute to energy saving and faster cooling. The temperature fluctuations are also lesser than the regular units, thus working towards a seamless and enjoyable temperature control.

The other important feature of inverter air conditioners is that they are usually high on energy saving. The stars on the unit are a measure and mark of the energy efficiency of the unit. This energy-saving feature contributes greatly to reducing electricity bills and also towards a happier living! If one uses the air conditioning system for regular cooling and heating throughout the year, an energy-efficient unit is a must-have!

Investing in inverter air conditioners is definitely a worthy investment in the long run. Understanding the basic features of inverter air conditioners, it can well be established that they are highly reliable and much more stable than the regular air conditioners. The best deal is when it’s a happy, cost-saving deal!

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